Sunday, November 28, 2010

Post Thanksgiving snow tramp

Mr. Boom and I took a drive up into the hills today for a post-Thanksgiving tramp through the woods.  The sky was a deep blue, almost like we were back up in the Northern Cascades. 

Lines of animal tracks crossed and re-crossed our path up the valley floor.  During the summer, it's easy to see where the deer and elk have tromped through, but with snow on the ground, it's easy to see even the smallest creatures' tracks--like rabbits and squirrels and mice.

A squirrel ran into this hole on the right side of the path...

after emerging from this hole on the left side of the path.

A coyote crossed the path here, then ran up the side of the hill.

This coyote developed an oddly wide stance....

More gemstone skies...

More tracks.

And my very favorite wildlife sign of all...
Size 13 1/2 tracks...very easy to follow!

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