Friday, March 11, 2011

Very bad to worse

Get your little violins out...
Things have gone from bad, to very bad, to worse.
No cooking, no gardening, only a half-assed attempt to keep the chickens and bees happy.
Lots of snow, and rain, and tears.
We're scrambling to find help, sworn to secrecy, and scared to death that our nightmares surface as truth.
We'll get on top of this--I'm sure of that. I'm not sure how.
We are so low, and so much of this is out of our hands.
I'll be back, I just wonder if you all will be, too?
Please give me time?


  1. I'm not going anywhere. I hope and pray things smooth out quickly for you.

  2. Of course we'll be here. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

  3. I'm still here, too. Happy to have sent you a "smile" through my Papas. You are in my prayers for much better days!
    Thanks for your lovely comment!

  4. I am always with you in spirit and if it was in my power I would pluck you up and whisk you away from trouble and strife but for now we'll just have to stay put and have faith that life only hands you what you can bare and not more.