Monday, August 2, 2010

Testing (by Kat)

I've been using Blogger to compose all my posts up to this point. Getting started was very easy, and the whole interface is also very easy.

What I don't like is the teensy little screen they give you to compose on. I can't even view a photo in its entirety, much less see the text around it. I also dislike not being able to get a feel for what the post will look like when it's stretched wide over the full width of a computer screen. At times I've thought my posts were getting a little long and windy, only to find that when viewed on the actual page they came across as terse and fractured.

Today I discovered that I can compose posts in Microsoft Word 2007.

At least, supposedly I can.

You never know with Microsoft, do you?!

So, this here is a trial post using Microsoft. Let's see how it goes!

Oh, and that photo up there? Those are some lupine from a drive we took a few weeks ago. My camera is broken. It's actually more than broken now, since I took the whole dang thing apart seeing if I could fix it…

Otherwise, I would have posted a few pretty shots from our camping trip this past weekend. Actually, I should say from where we spent the weekend and I just barely lived to tell about it! Next post I'll tell you all about the bruises, contusions, contortions, and burns. Fun stuff!

Okay, testing, testing…


  1. Well, as we can all see, the photo did not come through. Rice is burning, beets are mushy, cube steaks are raw on the counter.
    I'll clean this mess up after I finish the mess of a dinner I'm making!

  2. Okay, put the photo in using Blogger. Need to do a little research and see which way I'll be happier!

  3. I'm surprised there isn't a way to open the lines up in the composition window in Blogger. Wordpress had this option. Have you tried googling it?

  4. I wish there was an easier way to compose in Blogger, too. (There may be and I just don't know how.) I could never get my paragraph spacing to work right in the Compose mode so my workaround is to write it in OpenOffice (I wrote a template with all the paragraph html and stuff) and mark where I'm going to put photos. I upload the photos in Compose, switch to html mode and cut and paste the code for the photos into my OpenOffice document. Then cut and paste the whole thing back into the html mode and preview.

    Like I said, there may be an easier way but I have this process down and I know it will display properly.

  5. Kate~ Are you using Mozilla or IE? I've noticed that the Blogger photo insert works differently in each of those (I use Mozilla, Bet uses IE).
    Using Mozilla, my photos don't go where I tell them to, rather they align themselves at the top in reverse order and I have to move them around. When Bet uses IE (or I use IE at her place) you can set the cursor where you want the photo and it pops it right into the exact place you want it to be.

  6. Paperseed~ There is, and they even call it new and improved, but what you see isn't what you actually get--just a close approximation.