Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sometimes my thought run wild... (by Kat)

Sometimes, I'm just not content with the status quo.

Sometimes, I want to stir things up a little and examine the aftermath. Is it better? Is it worse?

Take bread, for example. I wondered if it really tasted better homemade (okay, no I didn't. I knew it did, but just work with me here, okay)? Would I be able to keep up with the household demand? Was the homemade bread train headed down the tracks in the right direction and I just never knew I needed that ticket? The answer was an overwhelming yes on all accounts.

Take soap, for example. Some people make their own. How weird is that? No, wait, how cool is that? Should I try it too? Could I try it too? Was the happily ever after story of homemade soap a myth? Was it a lye (sorry, couldn't help myself)? Turns out making my own soap totally rocks. Why didn't I try it sooner?

Bees? Same thing!

Fireworks? Sure!! Well, no, Mr. Boom handles the explosives around here, but I watch. Do I get a little bit of credit for that?

So, what else can I shake up?

Welllllll....we're going camping this weekend. I've got a bee in my bonnet to try at least one of the following three adventures: sous-vide steaks, ice cream made with dry ice, or solar cooking. Yes, all three have to do with food. What else is there, right?!

Will it be a habit I keep? Honestly, I don't see any of them sticking around for long. But I'd sure love to try each of them at least once.

Have you tried any of these meal preparation strategies?

Did it work? Do you still do it?

Cook Your Meat in a Beer Cooler: The World's Best (and Cheapest) Sous-Vide Hack from Serious Eats

How to Make Instant Dry Ice Cream from

Solar cookers from Teong H. Tan

Camping is so much fun!

I can't wait!

I've been accused (yet again!) of procrastination.


Gotta go!!!


  1. I actually just read an article in Vogue (NOT, I must be clear, mine - just an old copy at work) about molecular gastronomy. I think they used liquid nitrogen to make ice cream in their process.

    I'd just be concerned that the dry ice chunks might get trapped in the ice cream and not be seen until too late! I'm curious to hear how it turns out.

  2. Kate brings up an interesting point. Also, your cooking links remind me of an old article I once read in Men's Health, about how to cook food with your car (on the engine, etc) while traveling. I found it so interesting, but never actually gave it a try. You may want to look into it. :-)

  3. Kate, are you sure that wasn't your own copy of Vogue, right next to your Elle and People magazines??! (kidding!)

    Paperseed, I've actually done that! I'm glad you reminded me. I think I came across the idea in "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance," but I'm not sure. Can anyone confirm that?