Friday, July 2, 2010

Plan Bee (by Kat)

Plan A was to build a top bar bee hive, collect a wild swarm, and live happily ever after. Plan A was easy, was natural, was researched to within an inch of its poor life. Plan A was the golden child. Plan A was doable. Plan A and I were best friends. But there was a problem. Plan A was started too late in the season--past the time the bees are swarming, past the time that a new hive can build itself up to a sustainable level before winter sets in.

Simply put, Plan A didn't stand a chance.

Welcome to Plan B(ee)

Oh, I'm so sorry for that terrible pun, but you know I had to do it!

Plan B is a Langstroth hive full of bees. Plan B is in my backyard. Plan B has scared the living daylights out of me. Plan B and I are staring at each other from across the path. Plan B says "Hi, I'm here, I'm in your face."

Plan B knows what it's doing, but I don't.

But, like so many times in life, Plan B is the route before me and the signpost has my name on it. So, Plan Bee and me, we're gonna be best friends.

I hope...

(is it just me, or are they all sticking their butts out at me?)


  1. Yep. I'm pretty sure they are mooning you!

  2. I'll be watching this one with interest. I want bees but have been a bit worried about all the equipment we would need?

  3. I second Tanya's comment above.