Monday, June 28, 2010

BEEEEES! (by Kat)

First I read all about it.

Then I thought all about it...

Then I built it and baited it...

But they didn't come!

So tomorrow I'm going to go get them!

(wait, there aren't any bees in that picture...what gives?)

This is a top-bar beehive. It's a less stressful environment for the bees than the typical box o' bees beehives you usually see along roadsides pollinating orchards. I don't have a picture of it with the lid on the top, so please just imagine a lid over top of the bars.

The kerfs in each bar are filled with a starter bead of wax to encourage the residents to build their combs along each top bar instead of across multiple top bars. The photo shows the kerfs wax-side up, but these were all turned over as soona s the wax had set.

I baited the box my rubbing a lemongrass-olive oil mixture into the wood. I gave it a week, then became impatient. Someone on Craig's List has some bees to sell, so tomorrow I go for a look-see.

Do I take the car or do I take the truck to pick them up?
They could get really hot in the back of the truck, but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to drive an hour with them sitting in the back seat of the car....


  1. I can't wait to see how your bees work out. We've been talking about getting them for a couple years for now. I think we might start with mason bees first. I've seen the little houses for them at Portland Nursery but I'm not sure exactly how you get the actual bees.

    I'll keep an eye on Craigs!

  2. We have Mason bees all over the place here. I've been wanting to build a little home for them for the longest time. Why haven't I done that already? Next project, I guess!

    Anyway, as I recall, Mason bees are really a build it and they will come type of animal. WSU has a great resource available online for managing Mason bees in your yard.

    Do it and take pictures!

  3. OMG I've always wanted to keep bees! How much was your initial financial outlay? Did you buy the whole suit too? This is too neat. All we've done so far is build a little mason bee house near our raspberries. Good luck - I'm excited for you!