Friday, June 11, 2010

Mr. Boom asplodes my head (by Kat)

My dear husband, Mr. Boom, is a very quiet guy. One should never underestimate the quiet guys...

Sure, he works in a dark and dreary basement, employed by rednecks, and is typically assumed to be just another dolt clogging the cogs of our small town agricultural fabric.

And yeah, he was valedictorian of his graduating class, but that class only had about 30 students (it was a pretty big class that year, actually).

But this actual event, in near real-time, demonstrates who I'm actually married to, and why I get half the headaches I do.

I stumbled up on this theoretical physics article discussing the results of collapsing black holes:

How To Destroy A Black Hole

I mentioned (stupid, stupid, stupid, when will I ever learn??!!) that black holes seemed to be one of the few things we really probably should hold sacred and leave the heck alone! At which point Mr. Boom wondered why the author was pitting straight physicists against astrophysicists in their suppositions of the nature of singularities.

"That's just dumb" he said. "Anyone who understands Einstein knows how stupid that sounds."

Um, yeah.

"Singularities are by definition something or other and so mass does something and then gravity slows down time and something and another thing asymptotic curves can't ever blah blah blah so the author is an idiot to think that they wouldn't agree and besides that the tangential mass charge something ions and protons something fabric, so there you go, right?"

Um, right?

"That's just common high school physics."

Um, how about some wine?

"Oh, I've got some home-brew here if I can get the cap off."

Okay. Can I have Tyelnol with mine?


  1. That is so gorgeous. Got to love the quiet guys. It also explains a lot about his preparedness in the next post. (chuckle)

  2. Yes, it really does! These two posts completely reflect Mr. Boom. Intelligent, prepared, funny, caring, loving, he's the whole works!