Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pain (by Bet)

Pain is a relevant term.  Today I feel like I have found pain and am about to ask for more of it.  But that is a story for later in the post. 

When I first got home Wednesday on the last day of school, I took everything out of my son's bedroom and piled it in the living room.  I have no idea where the burst of energy came from, but I instantly regretted it as I surveyed the mess in the living room.  I even hauled out the old camera to document the train wreck.  Who knew he had so much stuff in that little room of his?  The initial thinking was I would deal with it the next morning and that would be that.  Silly ol' me.

How many toys can you identify? There's a couch under that!

It took us until TODAY (that would be seven full days) to finish going through, sorting things and putting it all in his room.  I hauled eight bags to Goodwill and threw three bags in the garbage.  The good news is that there is no longer a single toy in my family or living room.  We have moved to the next level.  Wait, that is not right.  There is about two tons of train set in a tub next to my fireplace.  But due to shear depth of toy, it must stay there.  Sigh.

Now let us visit the place where pain lives.  I woke up this morning and could no longer viably move in any fashion that could be concieved as graceful.  My chest hurt and I started coughing.  My legs hurt, my stomach muscles hurt and my arms hurt.  If I knew the names of these muscles I would be able to be more specific.  But it was the greatest morning of my life.

I started crossfitting three weeks ago.  I am very out of shape with more extra weight than the small boy weighs.  I started by barely being able to do 15 pushups.  Yesterday I did less than half a hero's workout which amounted to 75 push ups (girl style still, but still), 9 beginner rope climbs, and 1200 meters of running.  I did it in twenty minutes.  Whoo hoo! I made it through and now want MORE!  Maybe not today, because, you know, the movement thing. But definitely tomorrow.

Presidents Physical Fitness Test be warned.  I am going to be able to do that rope climb and pull ups yet.  I might be twenty or so years late, but I am going to do it.  My baby muscles told me so.

Since I am celebrating me at this point, I might add that I have managed to drop ten pounds since starting and have dumped processed food.  Truth be told dark chocolate and the one random diet coke still grace my mouth, but I'm working on it.  I have gone completely Zoleo.  Maybe for life since I feel so good.  Except the pain, except the pain.  But that's how the baby muscles are born.

My family is off to Minnesota on Saturday so see you when we get back.  Wish us luck.  It will be the husband, the boy, the girl, me and the in-laws in one car for fourteen days.  It might be a "National Lampoon" moment for us.  Especially since I still plan to do Crossfit workouts at the rest areas.


  1. So, uhm, I just sat down to write a post about the churros we just made and inhaled. We're downing them with homemade gingerale.
    My keyboard is unable to sit on my desktop due to piles of stuff.
    I am soooooo unworthy...

  2. Ahhh...but my cooking is not nearly as good as yours. Now all I have to do is put meat on the grill and cut up vegies. When your cooking I will be doing the eating.

  3. You're. The proper spelling is you're. Man. Seven days out and it all falls apart. Kat? Piles of your own stuff--good. Piles of your kid's stuff taking over your stuff--bad.

  4. Hey, in all that cleaning, did you happen to find my Josh Ritter concert tee-shirt? It's very bright blue, and it's missing, and I don't know when I last saw it or where I last saw it.
    And no, it's not on my desk.

  5. Good for you for exercising. Now that my leg all healed up, I gotta get back on the treadmill. I've never been an athletic type AT ALL so it's always an uphill battle with myself. Have to remember it's great to avoid varicose veins which run in mi familia.