Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Last Day of School! (by Bet)

Today is the last day of school. 


Commence with the frolicking and crazy decisions. 

Plans have been made.  We were going to jump into the lake fully clothed, but it is raining.  We might do it anyway.  We will gorge on ice cream from the local store and lay about. 

Tomorrow is the day of cleaning.  We will wash, throw out, vacum and dust.  Maybe. 

Soon we will get in a car and drive to Minnesota. 

It's been twenty years since we graduated so I might screw up the courage to go to the reunion those that are in charge organized. 

I will go home and see those that stayed.  My children will rejoice at being around Grammy and Papa. 

I will blog. 

I will Crossfit.

I will read madly. 

I will play in my new Vibram Fives.

In 55 minutes I will leave this place and be FREE!  (and maybe I will kill the need to make lists)