Saturday, June 12, 2010

Boom (by Kat)

Me: Did you hear that?
Mr. Boom: No. Maybe.
Me: I heard a noise, maybe a small boom.
Mr. Boom: Could have been. You know, I was kinda afraid of that.
Me: It sounded like it came from the closet.
Mr. Boom: Well, I was sorta prepared for that.
Me: ?????
Mr. Boom (opening closet): Heh. Good thing I prepared for it.

Oh man! That was some really good home-brew!
(Glad he was prepared for it!)


  1. Holy cow! Good planning on Mr. Boom's part. So has this happened before? Or was there a crack in the bottle you didn't know was there?

  2. We've had a few wine bottles explode(go boom?) before, but not for quite a while. The jug probably had a very small flaw somewhere near the bottom that we just couldn't, or just didn't see before bottling. This is why, in theory, you shouldn't use used bottles. We're willing to take our chances if it means an explosion once or twice every twenty years.