Thursday, July 29, 2010

Random thoughts (by Kat)

Previously titled Today's Randomness, a title stolen *STOLEN* I tell you, by another blogger!
How did she steal it before it even posted? Is she in my head? Will she trade her cute little sweetie of a baby for a teen? Will she weed my garden, too? Careful, Paperseed. I'm on to you!

I would like next month's Daring Baker's challenge to use zucchini. Do you think that will happen? No, neither do I.

Thunderstorms everywhere, but no rain.

Jayne, of the Barefoot Kitchen Witch, is having a very cool giveaway. I'm loathe to tell you about it, because I'd really like it for myself. But, I'd like you to have it too, so here I am telling you about it. Have you ever read either of her two blogs? You really really should. Really. She makes cheddar cheese and is willing to show you the mold. It was Jayne that set me straight on using whey in bread. And she made a Star Wars cake that will never be topped. Ever.

My tomatoes are tall. It's hard to tell in this picture, but they're just about as tall as I am.

My apricots are ripening too, but my camera died. The lens won't shut. The screen won't light up. This is sad.

Mr. Boom is contemplating using my zucchini in his potato canon this weekend. Some nerve!

The three of us played Boggle tonight. I made an eleven point word! S C A L L I O N ! Of course, it had to be a food word...

Bet (you know, my co-blogger and friend extraordinaire?) and I graduated high school twenty years ago. The big reunion was this past weekend. Neither of us went. I wonder if our names came up at all? I think hers probably did, and I just hope mine didn't.

I'm getting a new vacuum cleaner. Well, it's used, but just barely. Mr. Boom's aunt who's moving from the Tetons to the Aloha State bought a Kirby less than two years ago. She sold it to me for less than half of what she paid, and less than a third of the current value. I'm psyched. I finally get to shampoo my carpets, and with four cats in the house you can bet they need it!

What else. Two ticks on me at work Wednesday. Yuck. And my work truck has to be jump started every time I need to use it now. I hate not being able to turn the engine off. If someone steals it from me while I'm off in the stream doing what I do, I'll be making a long walk in my waders. Oy.

Best part of being back from out trip? My espresso maker.

Worst part? I slept better in our tent in the backyard of Mr. Boom's aunt's house than I've slept in years in our house.

Well, that's a pile of randomness. Hopefully, you just skipped most of that and went to Jayne's blog. Jayne rocks my world, I must confess. I bet she never gets ticks and she was the prettiest girl in her high school class! She even runs! Wow......

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  1. Sorry about the title (and your camera!), and I'll just say I am GREEN with envy at your tomatoes. Ours are so short and it's already August!