Thursday, July 21, 2011

Conversation whilst packing

Mr. Boom and I took a little camping trip yesterday. Chirp-chirp is away at her cousins' house*, so we decided to make the most of the opportunity by sneaking in a little car-camping excursion.

Where to go, where to go? We made a deal. I'd pack, and Mr. Boom would pick the location.

I finished up at the office at 3:00, went home, and packed the car. I also made sure all the animals had food and water to last overnight, and that the gardens all had enough water to survive a day without our love and care. Or something like that.

Anyway, I threw our sleeping mats, sleeping bags, and pillows in the car. I put cereal, peanut-butter, bread, crackers, and marshmallows into a box. Into the cooler went several shots of espresso, milk, goat cheese, jar cheese, frozen steaks, garlic, and cottage cheese. I grabbed our camping kitchen box, the Coleman stove, and a lighter. Car packed--hooray!

When Mr. Boom walked in the door just after 4:00, I told him to pack his own bag and we could hit the road. He had a few questions...

Him (with a hand on the cookie jar): Did you pack cookies?
Me: No, but I did pack the cheese!

Him: Insect repellant?
Me: No, but I packed the field guides?

Him: Something to start a fire?
Me: No, but I did bring the backlog of newspapers.
Him: That's what I meant.

Amazingly, we had all we needed, and not too much more. Perfect getaway. Well, it would be perfect if we didn't have to work in the morning!

So where'd we go? Little Naches River for the night, Ohanapecosh the next day. Cayuse Pass, Chinook Pass, and lots of high mountain driving in between!

*She's spent a lot of time at her cousins' this summer. The girl is two weeks older than her, the boy is two years younger. They have a hot tub, a movie theater, their own private bit of forest, and a three minute drive to the mall. Home just can't compete.


  1. Excuse me! Is that a leech in that photo way up yonder towards the beginning of the story???

  2. Heck no! That's a cute little banana slug native to the western side of Washington State. Leeches are brown and red blobs of goo,or at least they are when I'm done with them! I HATE leeches. Ugghhhhhh.

  3. Excuse ME, but that's not snow or ice in the 3rd photo from the bottom is it? It's 104 degrees where I am today and I'm sitting at the computer (in my AC'ed house) with an ice pack on my head so seeing snow almost makes me cry.

    Lovely banana slug!

    You camp the way we used to camp 20 years ago. Brings back great memories. Maybe we should dust off the camping gear and do what you did. Although not until October when I can take this ice pack off my head.

  4. Well, yes, that's 12-20 feet of packed snow and ice where we would like to camp some summer. But we camped lower, where the air was a balmy 60F and the campfire kept us nice and toasty.
    These pictures show what they have to do to open the pass each year.