Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chicken (by Kat)

On New Year's Day, a massive multi-family snowball fight extraordinaire was occurring in the front yard. I had the camera, so I was "safe."
At one point I ventured round to the back of the house for a sojourn with the gals.

My hens, my chickies, my babes.

They tried to convince me they were truly adventurous birds, and needed to fulfill a quest to the other side of the backyard (no, that doesn't make sense, but just bear with me, okay?).
So, I opened up the pen, exposing the path to freedom...

Alright ladies, follow me!

Here we go!

Ladies? Ladies?

Finding herself all alone, she lost her nerve, and executed a full retreat.

Oh well, only a few more months until spring...


  1. Your "chickies" are beautiful!

    I wish we had snow like that here.

  2. The snow is good! Conversely, shoveling snow gets really old, really fast!