Sunday, January 10, 2010

Raw Materials (by Kat)

I'm at my desk, drowning in raw materials.

To my right, I have one bottle each of safflower and soybean oil. A smaller jar of coconut oil sits in front, not golden like those two but a creamy white color, congealed at room temperature.

To my left is a brand new over-sized cone of ecru-colored cotton yarn.

Should I soap or should I crochet?

Fish or cut bait?

Or have you already realized the truth of the matter? Yeah, I'm putting off housecleaning!

Scholarship Brunch was getting the axe this week. The gal who cancelled has a very sick little girl, and will be taking her to the big city far-far away. I told her that if she'd call everyone, I'd do brunch this month. Which is this week. Which, as a matter of fact, is tomorrow morning.
So, the house needs to be cleaned, the table extended for twelve settings, and I need to figure out what to make.

This leads me back to sitting by patooty in front of my desk, staring at the raw materials, and putting off what must be done.

Let them eat quiche!


  1. Making soap sounds intriguing. I'd love to learn to do that.


  2. Hi Kat, thanks for stopping by at my blog. I can't wait till you do a piece about keeping fowl in winter climates with snow. Today I made a great raspberry slice and will have it on my blog tomorrow. Sorry you're not here to share it but think of the wonderful warming soups you can enjoy!

  3. Mmmm, I've been dreaming of making quiche all week. Maybe I'll do that tonight.

  4. Susan~
    That's what I always thought, and that's why I just jumped in and did it!
    It's on my to-do list. But first I need to clean up a bit, which is hard to do without the garden hose available! Maybe that's the hardest part of winter chickens...
    I changed my mind (imagine that!) and made pumpkin bars, lemon-raspberry muffins, browned-butter blueberry muffins, yogurt with all kinds of toppings, the January Daring Bakers challenge that has me bursting at the seams with excitement for the reveal later this month, and baked eggs.

  5. The lemon-raspberry muffins sound especially appealing right now.

    I didn't make quiche either, cuz I used the eggs I had for breakfast. Damn! That makes me realize I just came from the store and forget to get more. Grrr.

    I made "leftovers + let's-see-what-else-is-in-the-fridge soup" instead. It was surprisingly good.