Saturday, January 2, 2010

Feature or Bug? (by Kat)

In the world of IT, there's a question that pops up on occasion--is this a bug or a feature?

Is it supposed to do this? Did the designer think this was a good idea?

This question translates well into other areas of life, including soap-making. My soap has rings. My soap has tree rings. I'm labeling this, my first batch of soap, as the dendrochro-soap.

Bug or feature? I don't know.

I do know the rings are caused by non-insulated cooling on a not-so-warm kitchen counter. I don't know if it's bad, if it will fix itself on it's own like so many other problems are purported to, or if I'll need to re-mill the batch. The intensity of the scent decreased drastically, but I think it's still pleasant so I'm not too worried about that (bug or feature???).

All-in-all, I'm okay with this first attempt. I'm definitely going to do another batch in the near feature, but not until I get the kinks worked out of this batch.

Speaking of batches, I've got a batch of cakes in the oven as we speak (or at least as I type!). I'm using my brand new Chicago Metallic 8" cake pans to build myself a birthday cake. Smitten Kitchen has never ever never ever never ever failed me, so I'm trying yet another of her cakes, with absolutely no worries, to serve to the family tomorrow. The house smells so good....

Speaking of the house, it's so empty. We had family, including COUSINS!!! over for New Year's festivities. Giant snow forts, new games, lots of food, very late nights, and very sleepy mornings were the norm for the past few days. Now the house seems so empty. The Christmas decorations are down, the family is gone, the moon is waning, and Monday is nearly here. Bah.

But oh, the smell of that chocolate cake is something else....


  1. Are you seriously baking your own birthday cake?

    The soap looks great to me, although disturbingly edible.

  2. Yes, I am :~)
    I really wanted to try out my new cake pans, and I really enjoy baking, so it was natch.
    As fer the soap, I think I should probably take it off the plate, or at least move the plate off the counter, before everyone shows up this afternoon! I don't want to have a bunch of foamy-mouthed guests on my hands!

  3. Well I guess - It's your birthday, and you can bake if you want to!

    Happy Birthday!!!