Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Baby blanket

Well, here it is. My first full-size crochet project.

I had actually finished this project a couple of months ago, but never posted the photo. I figure that since my little niece has arrived, it's about time I show you her wrap.

The baby shower was huge, with everyone bestowing all kinds of color-coordinated gifts on my sister-in-law. Everything was pink and brown. Everything, but this.

Oh well.

Valentine's Day isn't *that* far off. I'm sure it will be all the style by then!

In other news, we have snow on the hills around our valley. Brrrrrrr. So why do we still have mosquitoes? I try not to hate on them too much, since they do pollinate the huckleberries I so dearly love. But still. I can't love them all year long now, can I?


  1. nice baby blanket. I hope you can post some colorful.
    Mickey Buarao

  2. As beautiful and co-ordinated as those gifts would look, I'll bet it's the crotheted blanket with the red edge that is remembered fondly and still kicking around when she is 21.