Friday, October 22, 2010

FFwD: Hachis Parmentier

Wow, I can't believe I let a whole week slip by without a single post. It's not that I haven't been doing anything, just that most of it is sooooo mundane, and the rest of it is embarrassing. Essentially, this past week has really spotlighted how out of shape I am, and how boring my life really is. I was so happy that this week's challenge for the French Fridays with Dorie consisted of what I'd call a comfort food. Even though I've never tasted, nor even heard of this dish, I knew it would be warm and delicious and a wonderful final meal to this week.

Of course, this recipe is totally bastardized from the one so carefully written out by Dorie in her book, but it was still wonderful. Step A was picking a few last mutant onions from the garden, salvaging a carrot, and delighting in the the hardiness of our parsley. Back in from the garden, I just had to toss those into a pot with some cube steak from the freezer. Our meat selection is really low in that big white chest freezer, but I did find one last package of cube steak at the very bottom.

The meat and broth are eventually topped with potatoes, cheese, and little dabs of butter. Mine might look a little funny because I used purple and red potatoes from the garden, and didn't bother to peel them. The recipe wanted russets, but I just didn't feel like going to the store. So there.

This method will definitely be used over and over, if not the exact ingredients. Maybe next time I'll take a nicer photo, but I doubt it. Hachis parmentier smells far too good to sit on the counter for long...

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. I have just planted my fall garden here in Texas. The best part of living here is the year round herbs.

    I think that your photo looks delicious, I want to eat it.

  2. Never heard of this dish, but it looks wonderful. Anything with onions and lots of cheese is ok in my book!

  3. It's great that you used the produce from your garden - looks delicious.

  4. That looks like serious comfort food!

    My onions didn't do didley this year. I bought two 3x5 trays of starts and after about five months, they look like the little seed onions at the feed store. Maybe they were mislabeled and I got shallots instead? No? Maybe next year then....

  5. Hi, Kat,
    Please contact me ASAP--you're a winner of the Stokes' bird guide Giveaway at my site and I need to pass your address along to the publisher.
    Contact me at nina dot natureremains at gmail dot com.