Friday, October 8, 2010

French Fridays with Dorie: Gerard's Mustard Tart

The second French Friday's with Dorie challenge was Gerard's Mustard Tart. Hailing from the Dijon region of France, this tart is a comfort food to those who know it, although those who know it, even in France, seem to be a small and lucky few. 

Now mustard just isn't something we use in our household at all.  We have the requisite bottle of yellow squirty stuff we bring out at barbecues, which I'm thinking is a few years old now.  I really should check the date on that before I set the same bottle out again, I suppose.  We tend to throw mustard out before it ever gets used up.  We also have the requisite bottle of dijon, and an occasional schmear of that will go on a sandwich, but only once in a blue moon.  One little bottle of the poupon will last about a year here, but at least it gets used up before going bad. 

So, to undertake a tart with mustard as the main flavoring seemed a little bit...risky.  Yes, this is basically a quiche, but there's no cheese in here to fall back on.  I mean, with quiche, you throw in a handful of cheese, or better yet a combo of two or three cheeses, and you know that no matter what else happens, the end result will be good because *anything* with cheese is good, right?

But this has no cheese.  It has mustard, leeks, and carrots.  Really, I found this to be very scary territory!

When Mr. Boom came home from work, he asked what we were having for dinner.  When I told him, all me doubts were reflected in his eyes.  I just knew this was too weird and would never work!

I tried to snap a few photos before we sat down to eat.  Mr. Boom told me to take my time and get it right "so we wouldn't have to make or eat this again."

But holy heck, people.  This was good!  Really. Really. Good.

We WILL be making this again.  And again. And Mr. Boom's will be served up with a side of his own words to eat!

As with all of Dorie Greenspan's recipes, I won't be giving out the recipe on here per her request to all participants not to do so.  However, participants in the French Friday's group were able to download the first few recipes to get started.  Just sayin'.

My book's on order and I just can't wait to poor over all the recipes, page by page.  I hope the paper is waterproof?!

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  1. Don't you just LOVE wiping away their doubts with a single bite? Good job!