Friday, December 10, 2010

FFwD: Speculoos

The days are growing shorter and shorter around here. I'm looking forward to the 21st, maybe even just a *little* bit more than the 25th. The winter solstice means, from that day forward, more and more sun will shine down on us each day.
That is, if it can break through teh thick fog that so frequently envelops our valley.
Today is sunny, though. Brilliantly sunny on top of several inches of snow. The chickens are going nuts. They don't like the snow, but they think that, given free reign of the yard, they'll somehow find the doorway into summer. This sun only assures them that I'm the creuelest chicken keeper east of the Cascades.
Bread in the oven, speculoos cooling on the counter... I feel the holidays in my blood!
This is another challenge of French Fridays with Dorie group. We're not allowed to share the recipes on our blogs, but the recipe from her book is quite similar to all the others I've looked at both on teh web and in my collection of books.
Speculoos are an easy cookie, quick to make, and smell divine. I hope you'll find a recipe and make these next time you want to make your house smell like Christmas and your tummy feel like heaven.



  1. Your speculoos look so cute and inviting!

  2. They are so good! I made mine on Monday and between me, my husband and two kids they are almost gone! I love your photos.

  3. Kat I am exactly the same when I am wishing June away and counting down till the 22nd which is our Winter solstice. Unlike the rest of Australia, down here in Tasmania, our days get very short and every one seems so grumpy. I get a wonderful feeling of optimism by the end of June, I think "well it might be getting COLDER but the days sure are getting longer and longer". I love Speclaus but I have never thought to dig out a recipe and make some before, doh! Thanks for the suggestion. You see, you blog about something simple and it opens up a whole new possibility for me! I just love you.

  4. Your cookies are adorable. And remember, in the wise words of Annie...the sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun!

  5. I love you little asterisk cookies! And nice job on the photos, too.

  6. I made these last night, threw them in the fridge and rolled out a batch to bake before I went to work. I wish I'd taken them all to work instead of my weight watchers entree...