Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just a few things...

Let's see, there's been just a few things I keep meaning to share, and keep putting off until the time is better. Well, I have a nice adult beverage in hand and I'm kicking back in front of the screen, thinking to myself, "what the heck, self? there's no time like the present."


Item the First: Do you have Netflix? Please watch "dirt! the movie." You can even stream it live to your computer.

Yes, it's a documentary. Yes, it's about dirt. But really? It's about a lot more than that. This movie is all about life. There are even cartoon bits, for those of you who might fear the overly serious sound of the word "documentary."

I was super excited to see Barbara Damrosch a couple times in the film, although for some reason her name was never provided. Why the lack of citation, documentary people? I first fell in love with Barbara and her husband Eliot when Mr. Boom and I lived in a tiny apartment, both in school, both dreaming of someday having our own Real Home, and soaking up her knowledge of gardening through her show Gardening Naturally. Every year I plant Nicotiana in the garden and think fondly of her predilection for this particular plant.

So, yes, please watch this movie, okay?

Thing the Second: Inflatable Fruitcake. All I can say is that I'm totally obsessed with this.

Tidbit the Third: Not as obsessed as I am by this. It's my theme song for the holidays. This particular video cracks me up, for sure, but it's the song I love the most-es-est!

Fact the Fourth: Mr. Boom took the juice of two oranges, one lemon, and one lime, mixed it with the raspberry mush left over from making a raspberry sauce, and added water and a bit of yeast. Essentially, he recreated my ginger-ale recipe without ginger. It's pretty, it's pink, it's fizzy, it's eminently drinkable. Mixed with vodka and homemade vanilla ice-cream it's the perfect drink to hold while prancing around to Gayla Peevey's song above. Maybe not so much the perfect accompaniment for a coherent blog post, but there you go.

Finally the Fifth: My little cousin the Marine is back from his fifth tour of duty in the war (he was actually deployed in the Middle East on 9/11). Merry Christmas to us, one and all. I hope all your family is back, if they've been. And if they're not back, then you are in my thoughts stronger still.

Sad and Sorry fact the Sixth: Tonight, of all nights, Blogger spellcheck is not working....oh well! I'm posting anyway! Here I go!

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