Friday, January 7, 2011

FFwD: Paris Mushroom Soup

Okay, so that challenge I issued?  The one about grabbing one item off your resolutions list and doing. it. right. now? 

I failed.  Instead of doing one of two big things I've been wanting to do for the blog, I ran off to the big city far away to take my grandma to visit her son who was visiting his son.  After dropping Grandma off, we went to Mr. Boom's brother's home to spend a few days. New Year's was a blast, but I felt guilty the whole time about not doing what I said I would.  So guilty, in fact, that I haven't been able to show my face around here. 

Enough is enough, though.  I'll just throw those two items on the list of my regular resolutions.  I hope they'll happen!  So much of that list never gets done, which is why I really like the challenge of crossing one off before the new year even starts.

My birthday was on Monday, and my most favoritest present of all was a mandolin.  I've been practicing and practicing and I think my fingers might fall off any minute now.  I'm grimacing as I type this, having just finished up a "jam session" with Mr. Boom who is a very accomplished (at least in my mind) guitar player.

I'm getting a little bit better every day, and I can now play five chords!  Five whole chords, people!  Furthermore, the cats aren't running out of the room every time I pick up my pretty little mandolin to play.  That's progress right there, baby!

This week's French Friday's with Dorie challenge was Paris Mushroom Soup. 
You don't need a recipe for this soup, per se, although I wouldn't dissuade anyone from buying this book, ever!
But really, soften up an onion and garlic in butter,
add a pound of mushrooms, and a bit of white wine
(I had no white wine on hand, so I left this out).
Cook until dry, then add chicken broth.
Whiz it all up (I used an immersion blender) and serve.

It's not pretty, but it's really fast, really good, and very creamy despite the fact that it doesn't have any cream in it at all.
Best served with a side of "Rocky Top" chorus chords jotted on the back of an envelope.

Chirp-chirp made this recipe for tiramisu up all by herself.  I love the fact that she's so comfortable going into the kitchen and experimenting with ingredients.  She made a ganache and a cream-coffee-nutmeg-cinnamon dip for Nilla Wafers.  There's also some (instant) coconut pudding and I'm not sure what else in there. 

Yummm.  In fact, I'm going back for more!


  1. I've heard that it was a little hard to photograph. I wouldn't' mind a bowl today. Good luck with the chords, the cats look content.

  2. Wow. There's so much in this post to respond to. First off, Happy Birthday! A mandolin - how cool is that! You'll have to record yourself when you get good and post it on here.

    Secondly, I am definitely going to make that mushroom soup. I ADORE mushrooms. And onions. And garlic. And butter, of course.

    As for your "failure," all I can say is that I can completely relate. Because life is so full of interruptions, delays, and alternate choices. At least you had a good time!

    Chirp-chirp definitely sounds like her mother's daughter :)

  3. Happy Birthday! I'd love to know five chords on a mandolin. (I'd actually love to have a mandolin so I could get the chance to learn those five chords.) :) Your soup looks great!

  4. "Mr. Boom"? hmm... I wonder if we are related? Don't beat yourself up on the resolution stuff. Its not a pretty soup but it did inspire me to choose a new color for my living room.

  5. Glad you liked the food! My partner got himself a mandolin (just before) Christmas. He's on his second lesson and is excited because he gets to learn a Hank Williams tune.