Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Birds (by Kat)

Yesterday, for just one hour, the heavy gloomy grey fog lifted--
and we had sun!

In that same hour, our yard was visited by hundred of robins.

The trees were full, the bushes were full,
and parts of the lawn looked like they were alive.

Somehow, the birds were able to wrestle large juicy worms
from our still mostly frozen lawn.

The clamor of their chirps was unbelievable.
Our hens were very quiet for the duration of the robins' visit.

Goldfinches are back, and re-examining the sunflower heads
they stripped clean in the fall.

Maybe they missed a seed then, a seed that would
make a good snack right now.

Oh, how we're all aching for spring to finally arrive!
How much this hour meant to all of us!
How the gloom seemed that much harder to bear
when our hour of winter reprieve ended.

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  1. Great photos! I especially like the one of the bird almost upside down.

    And ditto on the treasuring a bit of sun!