Thursday, February 4, 2010

Post 100: Our First Giveaway! (by Kat)

I do this to myself a lot, and each time I do it, I tell myself not to do it again. But, for whatever reason, I do it again. And again. And again.

Heaven help me!

Where have I been this last week? Why did I tell you we're having a giveaway to celebrate post 100, then drop off the earth? What's up with that???

Well, post 100 sounds so monumental, so significant, so amazing, so WOW! I wanted to make post 100 really special. I wanted post 100 to be unforgettable. I wanted so much for post 100.

So, each evening as I sat down at my desk, totally uninspired, totally tired, and totally bleh, I just felt I didn't have whatever it was in me to meet the mighty expectations I had built up for myself for post 100. So, poor post 100 just didn't' get written at all. My strive for perfection often ends up with me doing less than poorly--it ends up with me doing diddly!

No more, say I!

Post 100, welcome to the world. No blog re-design for you. You're stuck with this same brownish-yellow theme all the other posts had to share. Sorry, but you don't even get a new header. But hey, at least you're finally getting written, right?

World, welcome to post 100. More of the same, for the most part, but with just a little touch of new!

Our first giveaway! How exciting is that?! You, gentle reader, might think you're the only one winning something here, but we will be, too. Bet and I have wondered just how many people read this little blog of ours. Maybe this will pull some of you out into the open, let us know who we're talking to, let us know if we should be keeping the light on.

So, some of you may recall back in October I had a streak of luck. I won two books from two of my favorite bloggers. I'm passing one of those books on to you! Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, raved about it, then gave it away. I promised I'd pass it along when I was done, and now I'm finally doing that. I loved loved loved the book, and passed it along to Bet. She loved it as well, and passed it along to her mom. I'm hoping to get it back from her, and will pass it along to you. If not, you'll receive a brand new copy of your own. So you'll either get a famous blogger's copy (Suzanne, not me) or you'll get a brand new copy.

So, to enter the post 100 giveaway, just answer the following question: how do you like your books--new or used?

Enter between now and next Wednesday. The winner will be chosen at random and announced next Thursday.

Good luck, and I wish you ALL could win!


  1. love old books! andreanathan at aol dot com

  2. I'll take my books either way, but I love going into used books stores. I can browse for hours.

    deborah150 at hotmail dot com

    Congrats on 100 posts :)

  3. A hundred posts - wow! I'm less than halfway there.

    This giveaway is VERY exciting to me, because I love books, and I've heard good things about this one.

    I love books used and books new, hardcover and paperback. I'm resistant to the e-book craze. Give me paper any day.

    I love the crisp purity of a new book, and I love the soulful scent and tangible history of a used book.

    One of my favorite pastimes is browsing used-bookstores, but Barnes & Noble excites me too.

    I think it's important to buy new books to support the authors, but in the end, I'd have to say I prefer used books.

    Incidentally, I have the strange ability of being able to guess when a book was published by how it smells. I'm usually accurate within five years.

  4. Congratulations on the 100th post!!! WOO HOO.

    I'll leave this comment, but of course do not enter me into the giveaway. I'm excited to see who gets the book next.

    - Suzanne

  5. I love, love, love to read so I really do not have preference of old or new books. I just love books!

    nancy5678 at aol dot com

  6. Suzanne sent me here. I love to read, old, new doesn't matter. I love to BUY old books, because I can usually get a ton of them for what I would pay for one new book. Books are books, to me, they don't get old.

  7. I just love books - old books, new books, books with tattered pages...

  8. Both! I love old, used cookbooks. I always go through looking for handwritten comments on the recipes. Fiction books I read both used and new. I esp. like to buy old library books. Thanks for the opportunity to enter your drawing and congratulations on your hundredth post. Steph

  9. Happy 100th post! I just love the blogs I find through a recommendation of another site! I would love to win the book giveaway!

    Beth aka oneoldgoat

  10. Used and "broke in" :-) I rarely buy new books; WHY? when used ones are even better??? And cheaper. So you can buy MORE!!! LOL

    Have heard a lot about this book and I WANT IT!

  11. Congratulations and may there be many more.
    Love books any way but living my "frugal life" I would have to say I love used. They fit the budget AND I am recycling. When I buy a used book, I'm really saying books are valuable and NOT disposable like so much else today.

  12. Just here to say hello, and check out The Bobwhites. Thanks for keeping that lovely book circulating. I am the one who sent the book to Suzanne;) I love books and so I usually go for used so I do not go broke!