Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Friday (by Kat)

Happy Friday everyone!
Need a reason to smile?
How about bread raising in the sun?

Chicks under a blooming lilac bush...

A garden begging someone to come out in the sun and weed the rows?
Don't worry garlic, peas, and potatoes, I'll be out again soon!

A beauty berry start, now four years old, and still alive...

What? You can't pick it out from amongst the hops?
Let me zoom in for you...

Bet's mom provided this little start so long ago;
I just know that one of these years it will finally grow
more than a few inches high.

Or not...

Either way, it makes me smile.


  1. Looks like a warm yummy day. Makes me feel warmer just looking at the garden putting on lush growth. The light looks different too. Actually we had a really warm autumn day here and I think it will really confuse the sap flows!

  2. I love the contrast...It's going to be fun reading about you going into winter as we're heading into summer!