Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What a difference a week makes--okay, two (by Kat)

Two weeks ago, while out and about downloading data loggers, I came upon this nest of eggs inside a large metal box alongside a local stream.

Since soooooo many swallows hang out in this area, I figured I was looking at swallow eggs.
Anyone familiar with my inability to correctly identify even the easiest of the adult birds living around here will now start to laugh. Adults are hard enough, so what was I thinking, trying to identify a pile of sweet little eggs.

Judging by the clamoring of the red-winged blackbirds today when I revisited the same spot, I'm guessing we have a nest of those guys here. Just a guess--feel free to laugh your heads off.

Okay then.

After switching out the battery and resetting the logger after downloading the data, I was just about to close the box back up when one of the little feather folk decided to make a break for it.

He flopped himself out of the box, down the embankment, and almost landed himself in the stream. It took a few tense moments before we found him, buried in the tall grass, hunkering down as invisibly as he could.

I got him back into the box, but he refused to stay in the nest.

Hopefully, one of the parents entered soon after we left and told him to straighten up!


  1. Well swallows sure don't build nests like that, but I don't know enough else to suggest. The poop is a clue though. The babies of some birds poop in little sacs that their parents take away to keep the nest clean. I'm guessing these ain't those kind.

  2. Nope, ain't that kind FER SURE!