Thursday, May 13, 2010

And then there were two (by Kat)

I'm trying so hard to get over this pneumonia, but for some reason I haven't quite got it kicked yet.

So many things are falling by the wayside, including this poor little blog! But, due to a series of tragedies, I have time today to post something of an update!

I really needed to go to work today, and by 8:00 I'd managed to haul my body out of bed and was debating the energy expenditure required for taking a shower. Chirp-chirp was well on her way to getting out of the house and to school on time, judging from the sounds in the kitchen below, so in I stepped. I came downstairs and poured dry cereal into a bowl just as she was stepping out the door. Then I poured on the milk and collapsed into my chair.


Oh joy. Mr Boom's cousin attempted suicide (again) last night, and we were part of the frantic calls trying to find him and rescue him. We hadn't heard whether he'd pulled through last night, so I figured the pounding on the door was related to that whole fiasco.


When I opened the door I saw Chirp-chirp, tears streaming down her face, sobs issuing from her gut, and one chick in her hand. On her way out of the yard on her way to school, she discovered this chick out of the pen. When she went to return the chick to the pen, she found another chick mutilated. No sign of the third chick. The deceased was Black, of course, her favorite of the three.

We eventually found the missing chick, who appeared to be physically unhurt, if not totally mentally traumatized.

Obviously, turning around and heading back toward school was out of the question, so I had her come inside so I could finish my (now very soggy, grrrr) cereal. Then we designed and built a new coop for the chicks.

I suppose you'd like pictures. Well, I'd be happy to give them to you, but I can't. The dad-gum coop is stuck mostly-upside-down-but-kinda-at-an-angle between a rock wall and a wood fence. There it will stay until Mr. Boom comes home and helps me get it into place.

A friend called just a few minutes ago. She wants to go morel hunting. It sure beats heading to the psyche ward in the big city this evening!

(I really don't want to get too close to one of those places in case they realize I'm on the wrong side of the wall!)

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