Friday, February 4, 2011

FFwD: Basque Potato Tortilla

Did a whole week really go by again?  Every day I see things I want to share, or learn things I want to pass along, so why don't I blog more?  I don't know.  I really don't. 

I took a great hike on Sunday to retrieve a trail cam.  Of course, I forgot to bring my camera along, and there was nothing of interest on the trail cam itself. 

Also, the goldfinches and flickers have returned to my part of the world.  A cute little finch hit the window while I was out one day, so Chirp chirp brought the stunned bird into the house, provided a bit of seed and water, and there it recuperated in the music room.  I should have taken a photo, but I didn't.  One of it's feet was all fuzzy-ferny like.  I still need to look that up and see what the deal was.  It didn't seem to effect his flight, though, when we finally opened the window to release him back out into the cold.

I don't know.  I need to get myself in gear, I suppose.

I promise you this, though.  Sometime this weekend, or Monday by the latest, I'm going to post something really fun. You'll want to check back, it will be worth your while, and that's all I'm going to say about that right now.

So, this week's French Fridays with Dorie challenge.  Basque Potato Tortilla.  Yummy!

Oh!  Look!  Collages in Picassa!  I had a professor once who pointed out that every time a new theory came along in anthropology, every anthropologist tries to apply it to every single bit of new information they find, as well as apply to it every bit of old information already in their head.  He said that to a man with a hammer, the world looks like a nail.  Collages are my hammer at the moment.  So please do forgive me!  

I mean, have potatoes and onions ever looked so organized on this site before?
I love love love my cast iron pan.  The recipe called for cleaning out the pan after cooking the onions.  Everything slipped out of my pan and I didn't even need to wipe it out. 
Have I ever mentioned this pan was FREE?  I found it at a yard sale, covered in rust, in a "freebies" box.
Can't buy me looooooove.  Nooooooo, no no no, nooooo!
After adding the eggs and potatoes back to the pan, you practice your patience skills, and once the mixture has set up a bit you run a little knife or spatula around the edges to prevent sticking and to judge the doneness.

After a little stint under the broiler (I used my toaster oven on the broil setting), this lovely dinner awaits.

Yummmmm.  From start to finish the project took under half an hour.  It's like a quiche, but you don't have to make a pie crust.  And, it's like an omelet, but you all get to eat at once.

I'm not allowed to share the exact recipe with you (per Dorie's request), but this is the type of dish where the recipe is secondary to the technique.  Now you know the technique, so please do try this lovely fast meal.

(And don't forget to check back for the surprise!)


  1. I think your collages are a great way to show the steps. You were able to share lots of pics without taking up a lot of space. Great post!

  2. Yours came out so clean looking...tasty too! Im glad you enjoyed was so simple but sooo tasty!!:)

  3. Wow, you have the BEST cast iron skillet...look how your tortilla is coming out so easily!!! Perfection!

  4. I'm super envious of your cast iron pan. If only mine will age so gracefully!

  5. Agreed - I also have seasoned cast iron skillet envy. SIGHS.

  6. Your Basque Potato Tortilla turned out beautiful! I like your pictures sharing each step:)
    Take care,

  7. Looks delish! I might go pick up another cast iron pan just to make this! Plus, it will help me use up the 14 eggs a day I bring in. :)
    We bought a whole Basque cookbook, wonder if there is something like this in there.
    The garlic onion soup in our book is YUM too...perhaps I'll post about it for ya.

  8. OOohhh...That sounds yummy, Alicia!

  9. Made this up last night, it was wonderful!
    We like our Basque food with a bit more garlic (we frequently dine at the Basque family style restaurants in town), and I was a little heavy on the potatoes, but I will definitely be doing this again, with a few of my own modifications! I worked well in my non stick, but I want to get a cast iron anyhow. :) Thankx for sharing!

  10. Kat, garlic soup is posted for you! :)