Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Mr. Boom outdid himself this year.

Theoretically, I don't believe in Valentine's Day.  It's a real trap of a day, which can so easily turn into a crap of a day.  Expectations are raised, attempts are made, hopes and dreams are dashed.  I was once married to a guy who pulled out all the stops on the big days of the year.  Our (three short) anniversaries were epic and public demonstrations of his fiery love for me.  The other days of the year were pretty much hell.  I would have traded the restaurant-full of patrons and staff toasting our love for a couple of turns vacuuming or doing dishes, or at least a little nod of appreciation for me engaging in those activities.

Oh wait, where was I?  Mr. Boom!!!! There for every single little day of the year and pulling out the stops on the big days of the year, too.

Last night, he ran to the grocery store, ostensibly to buy milk.  When he returned, I found he also had brought home flowers and espresso beans.  This morning, he woke me up with a handmade card that he started LAST SPRING!!!!  The piece de resistance?  Four little miniature spring form pans.  How freaking cute!

Obviously, I had to make his favorite dessert, french silk pie.  Miniaturized!  Chirp chirp cut out the little hearts to decorate the tops with.  We forgot to put them on the three we ate, but she remembered in time for the hearts to go on the fourth.

With or without hearts, this dessert is just as sweet.  Which is just nowhere near as sweet as Mr. Boom himself.  I love that man!


  1. Yay for special men....Double triple Yays for the women who appreciate them when they come along and treasure them.

  2. That was so lovely! The little pies are adorable!

  3. Hi Kat, The Pita bread recipe calls for 1.5 cups of water total. I can't recall how many it yields, maybe 10.

  4. Wow, Kat, this is seriously one of the most moving, inspiring posts I've ever read anywhere.

    I had no idea you were married before, and I love the way you've described that relationship in such an encapsulated but vivid way. What a blessing to have such a man as Mr. Boom now! It gives me hope for my own sorry love life.

    That pie looks exquisite.