Friday, February 18, 2011

FFwD: Green beans with Pancetta and other things

Maybe I'm missing something, because all the other kids on the French Fridays with Dorie block loved this dish.  They raved about this dish.  They drrrrrrroooooooooled over this dish.

They should just marry this dish.

Me?  Meh.  I didn't even take a picture of the completed dish.  I still have leftovers from Valentine's Day in the fridge.  I could very easily get up at take a picture.  It just wouldn't be worth it.

This "recipe" consisted of blanching green beans, frying up pancetta, combining the two with a bit of butter, and serving up.  I like pancetta, I like beans.  I do not like pancetta and beans.  My tongue wanted more.  It felt like drinking orange-spice tea without the little pinch of sugar.  It felt like an English muffin without the butter.  It was the Sunday Times without the funnies or crossword puzzles.

Dorie has so many great recipes up her sleeves.  I wish this big glossy page of the cookbook had one of those printed on it, instead.  Anyone want my leftovers?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....

Remember the momma cow who'd given up trying to birth her baby?  I talked to the rancher the next day about some unrelated business and he let me know the little calf survived!  It was breach, and "twisted-a-turvy," and each time the cow pushed, the calf's feet (which were caught up on top of the pelvic bone) sprung the baby backward again.  One of the cowboys got in there, though, and managed to free everything up and the baby was born just fine.  Less than ten minutes later momma and baby were back out in the pasture with the rest of the herd.  Made me happy.

Meanwhile, back here in town...

A blizzard.  We received a few inches of snow in about as many hours on Wednesday, and it still hasn't all melted off.  Snow tends to fall straight down, here in my valley.  We just don't get wind in the winter.  So the snow "falling" just about parallel to the ground was really interesting to sit and watch. All the tension that had been building up on Wednesday simply released while watching the snow. 

The chooks are not impressed, however.  And frankly, I'm really ready for spring myself!  Have a good weekend, everyone.  And really, if you'd like some pancetta green beans, there's a big bowl in the fridge.  Just help yourself!


  1. Im so ready for spring here too! Sorry the beans and pancetta didn't agree with you.

  2. Poor old chooks (you included) sound a bit fed up! That was a silly recipe for you all anyway because it is not green bean season for you there. Though with all the snow I guess it's not anythings season really. Gosh cows are robust creatures. Glad I'm not one.

  3. Sorry this wasn't a winner for you. I am so with you on wanting winter to be OVER. We had a freakishly warm day today (or course while we are at work) and tomorrow back to freezing... Just enough warm to create ice patches from melted snow. UGH. Soon. Soon.

  4. Good for you for keeping your results real. We did love this dish in our house (and Nana's too) but my pancetta was so flavorful I was practically yelling at my family to "not add any more salt". And we do not watch our salt at all, so this is saying something. But I have had a recipe or two - the carrots with the ginger comes immediately to mind- where everyone "wants to marry" the recipe. Except me. :)

  5. I loved these beans, as did everybody else in the family, but what I adore about FFwD is that I can read 70 posts and find 70 takes on the same recipe. De gustibus non es disputandum:)