Monday, February 21, 2011

Floating on air

We spent the weekend helping Mr. Boom's bother and family move into their palatial new digs. Wow. Bathroom chandeliers, people. Bathroom chandeliers. Teensy kitchen, though. I wonder what's up with that?

The freestanding "Lego Room" (What? Doesn't everyone have an extra building on their property to hold all their Legos??) was locked, and the realtor didn't have a key to give them. Should I be proud that I was able to use my little plastic free-hunting-license-holder-cum-wallet-that-fits-my-back-pocket to break in?

Skillz baby. Redneck skillzzzzz.

Anyway, they have the palace, but I have all the happiness in the world. Tomorrow night, Mr. Boom and I are celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary in Jost Ritter concert. The incurable grin is already creeping across my face.

There will be no sleep tonight. And tomorrow? First day of Master Gardener classes, and a big ol' board meeting at work tomorrow. No way those guys can bring me down at this meeting. No way at all!

I'm a bit too old to be giddy, but that's why I totally love Josh Ritter and his band. These guys will gidd-ify you, too.

Please watch this video. Or this one, with Joan Baez. I know you'll smile. Just like me!

CRAP!!!!! up to 14 inches of snow are predicted for the mountain pass we have to cross to get to the concert! I'll ski there if I have to, but this is not good news!

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