Monday, March 29, 2010

Awww...How Cute! (by Kat)

Three guesses as to why Sky is peering over the ledge of the box!

Saturday was Free Chick Day at the local hardware store.

Small town style, the radio station had an announcer present, a pizza place was giving away pizza slices, doughnuts and coffee were on hand, and Girl Scouts were selling cookies.

Here's the three answers to the three guesses: "No," "Brown," and "Black." Despite their names, they're mostly likely Rhodesian Reds. Come August, they'll be giving us brown eggs. We were hoping to score some Araucanas, in which case blue eggs would greet us in the nest. There's a wee slim chance these could be them, but I'm not holding my breath. They're so wonderfully fuzzily cute, I really don't care what breed they are.

We're handling them quite a bit, getting them used to being held and loved, so they'll have a nice demeanor as they grow. Some folks argue that the breed has more to do with the disposition than the environment. I think it's some of both. Kind of like people.

The cats are curious, and like to keep an eye on the chicks, but don't seem inclined to hurt the little fuzzballs. I really get a kick out of watching one cat keep an eye on another cat who in turn is sniffing the birds a little too closely. I can't tell if the second cat is secretly egging the first one on..."come on, I dare you!" or if he's just getting ready to tattle. I think it's some of both. Kind of like people.

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