Sunday, March 7, 2010

I want to be a superhero (by Bet)

At long last I am back.  It is to tell you that I am no longer satisfied being me.  I no longer want to sit on the couch, live vicariously through other bloggers, and teach in a completely dependable manner.  Instead, I want to be a superhero.  Not one that wears a cape and but one that:

 has real muscles,

can freeze people and time like this from Charmed,

can freerun,

and hula hoop

But that means I would have to get up off my couch. Since I love my couch I guess I am going to go on living my neutral life and continue dreaming about being a superhero.

Hope you are having a "super" day! 

*All of these images are "borrowed" from google images.

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