Friday, March 19, 2010

Scurrying (by Kat)

I'm scurrying, scurrying, scurrying today!

Tomorrow morning (can you really call it morning when it's still dark?) we head far and away.

In fact, we're leaving the country altogether.

Neither Mr. Boom nor Chirp Chirp have ever been to Victoria, B.C., so that's where we're going for spring break. We're taking the Clipper from Seattle, so we won't have a car. We're relying on the local bus system, backed up by the good reviews I've been looking for but haven't found on the internet.

Our hotel is two blocks from the dock where we'll alight. I'm hoping those are nice short blocks, and without significant elevation change. I've found that no matter how light I pack, hauling luggage just isn't fun. We stayed in Friday Harbor once, when Chirp Chirp was about two years old. From the dock to the B&B was only five blocks or so, but they were vertical blocks. I swear, climbing a ladder with her in one arm and our stuff in the other arm would have been easier than scaling that hill. Yes, look-ma-no-arms ladder-climbing would have been easier. Mr. Boom doesn't look back at that vacation fondly...

So, yes, we'd like a flat walk to the hotel, and a room with a waterfront view. I'd also like to meet the queen. Yeah. I'll settle for one out of three!

We all want to visit Butchart Gardens. Getting to it on the bus should be an adventure. I've read we should plan on 20 minutes to 1.5 hours for the trip. Okaaaaay. Pack food! Got it.

I don't want to go to the wax museum (still have nightmares from the trip there in middle school), they don't want to go to the museum. We might split up for a while and go our separate ways.

High tea? Not with my family, and not at those rates ($40+). Maybe when I meet the queen she'll invite me in for a nosh?

Have you been to Victoria recently? What do you recommend? How are the buses? Most importantly, is Dwight anywhere around?

See ya' next week!

PS Hey Bet, now would be a really good time to post :)


  1. Never been to Victoria, but I almost moved to Vancouver once, when my brother lived there. Long story.

    Have a great time!