Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm not dead (by Kat)

No, really, I'm still alive....

Bet posted! Did you see that? If any of you were thinking she was just my invisible friend, I'm sorry to disappoint. She's real, she's wonderful, and in my eyes (and her kids' and her husband's and her student's etc.) she really is a superhero, in spite of her protestations and other bemoanings.

So, we finally fixed the leak in the roof. That was fun. Every vacation should find you safe and sound back at home in a puddle of water in the kitchen. Yep.

Planted our spring seeds...and the chickens promptly flew the coop and ate them all up. That was fun. Yep.

Been fighting dizzy spells and fevers for the past two weeks. Fun. Yep.

You see why I haven't been posting? I'm a whiner. I'm in a big fat whiny mood.

OH! Best mood enhancer of late? The Good Life! You can watch it instantly on Netflix. A solid middle-class couple decide to give up on traditional commerce and values. They decide to become self-sustaining on their little lot in the suburbs of London. It's a British series, shot in the early 1970's. I can't tell you how much I love British TV. The actors look like real people. Paris Hilton couldn't make it in British film--hooray!

Other mood enhancers? Bet's mom has crocus blooming in her yard. Mine aren't up yet, but the hops are poking through the soil, as well as some bulbs. I planted a ton of free day lilies last fall (Freecycle rocks my world!) and those are coming up. I'm glad to see they survived this winter.

Of course, it did snow a bit this morning, so they're not out of the woods yet.

I'm taking Friday off from work, so I'll try to post something nice a wonderful and heartwarming then. In the meantime, chins up! Solider on! Hup two! Land ho! Steady as she goes!



  1. That's funny...I have friends that say I am a cross between Margot and Barbara! I am so incredibly frugal and self my mink coat and Merlot!

  2. Tanya~ wouldn't you just kill for a taste of the "pea pod" wine? Maybe this will have to be our next home-brew batch!