Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The View from Paradise (by Kat)

Last Thursday I was a busy little beaver. First, I signed Mr. Boom out of work for Friday. Second, I made reservations for Mr. Boom and I to stay at the Mt. Rainier lodge for two nights. Third, I arranged for my aunt to come and stay with our daughter for the weekend. Fourth, I filled Mr. Boom in on the plan over dinner Thursday night.

So it was that we found ourselves waking up on Saturday morning on top of Mt. Rainier to celebrate 15 years of wedded bliss.

We made the slow, leisurely drive up on Friday. A few mountain sheep were seen not too far from home, and later on there were elk and a few deer. Most exciting (to me) was the little snowshoe hare we startled up as we followed a little trail down to a creek along the way.

Dwight Schrute (from the Office) was our waiter at two of the meals. Not really. But the waiter was certainly channeling Dwight for all he was worth. He had the look down, the mannerisms were precisely right, and I seriously was torn the entire time--laugh at him or kill him? Geeez Louise!

Saturday morning (post Dwight) we took the gorgeous winding route up to Paradise. The photo above was taken from Paradise. I think the name is appropriate, don't you?

So, anyway, I've been sicker than a sick dog on and off since we returned, certainly not up to to blogging much, but I just had to show you the view from Paradise. I think I needed to remind myself that it was real.

It all seems to be a dream....


  1. Breath-taking! A beautiful treat. And you do deserve a break away too. Congrats on 15yrs.

  2. I was there last August. I met Dwight. Dwight waited on us. I'm still not over it. I palmed some of my food into my napkin. The Visa bill is still messed up. But I still have some unwilted lupines galloping over my soul.

  3. Murr~ I'm so sorry!!
    I admit I'm laughing my head off, but really, I do feel your pain!
    Isn't it amazing that he still has that job? If I were bad at my job HALF that long I'd be out on my booty!

  4. I haven't got a doubt in my mind we had the same guy. I think deep down they're afraid to let him go. I know I sleep better knowing he's up there and not down here...which, by the way, is Portland, and are you from around here too?

  5. Well, yes, I suppose we are better off not having him down here!
    When Bet and I started this blog, she quite succinctly stated "no last names, no faces, no places." So, in keeping with that spirit, I'm in an undisclosed little town in central Washington. Bet is not, but she used to be. Now she's somewhere else where it rains an awful lot, and it takes more than half a day to get there from here. Once you get there, it rains and it rains and it rains. However, there's a dynamite used bookstore in a large city nearby to spend the entire day in, and then a kitchen shop just across the street, so it is very worth the drive.