Thursday, October 15, 2009

A bear runs through it... (by Kat)

So today was another day on the river for me. It was chilly and foggy, and I reveled in every minute of it.

Except when I was cold or wet, or when my coffee mug went empty. But other than that, I reveled.

The gorgeous color of the foliage belies the monstrous stink of the dead fish.

Salmon are spawning right now. After the eggs are ejected from the mom and fertilized by the dad, the adults die. They never have to bear the responsibility for the life they created.

Is it wrong for me to occasionally envy that freedom?

See that algae on the rocks?

Watch your step, please, as it is extremely slippery.

You do not want to land on your butt in the cold water, dripping stinky algae when you stand back up.

Surprisingly, this is the least stinky of all these photos. This is bear poop, and it has no smell at all. It's full of seeds and fiber. It's bigger than my foot.

It's still warm, but not steaming warm...

It's time to get back up the hill to my truck.


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  1. If it's wrong of you to "envy that freedom," then I'm wrong too. I have three teenagers and a two-year-old.

    Gorgeous photos.