Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thanks for not being that guy...(by Kat)

Tonight I was at a large retail store in the big city, about 45 minutes from home.

Just in front of me was a man using a Bluetooth headset. Oblivious to the world around him, he chatted away at great volume, ranting about a woman, chastising the person he was speaking to, complaining about long lines, and just sharing too much information all the way around.

I looked at my husband and thought 'thanks for not being that guy.'

Just in front of chatty guy was a horridly-acting man who filled out his check incorrectly, and then started yelling at the cashier for not taking it. The cashier asked for the man to give him another check, which the register would print up for him, but the man yelled and yelled using his mighty grasp of four letter words.

A manager came to the register, and said they couldn't accept the check as written, and asked him to write a new check, put it on a credit card, or let the register print out the check. The man continued to yell that the cashier was making him look like a (fool), like a (jerk), and that the cashier had a very small (appendage) that was situated in an unexpected place, and so on.

This, in front of his wife and two young daughters. I pitied his wife, I wanted to reach out to her, but then she started in on the cashier as well. Finally, about four men and ten minutes later, the man and him family had been escorted from the store.

I looked at my husband, and this time I said aloud, "thanks for not being that guy."

And to everyone else who speaks kindly (even when frustrated), who loves their neighbor (no matter their ethnicity or skin color), and who takes the time to control themselves, I thank you, too!

And hello people, but does it need to be said that anyone who blames other people for making them look like (appendages) is really good job of it all by themselves!


Ok, to make up for all that negativity, here's a pretty picture. I love these flowers at the front of my house.

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