Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Put the oil in a pot (by Kat)

Anyone remember this little ditty?

You put the oil in a pot
And you let it get hot.

Put the popcorn* in and you start to grin!

Sizzle sizzle, sizzle sizzle
Sizzle sizzle


Wipe out the pan and then enjoy your late night snack of
Kinda Kettle Popcorn.

*Even though it doesn't fit the rhyme, I add a sprinkle of sugar and salt,
and half a sprinkle of pepper.
Oh, and be sure to cover your pot as the corn cooks!


  1. I've never seen anyone pop corn in a frying pan before. That's just downright subversive!

    Doesn't it fly everywhere?

  2. Hi Pollinatrix~
    In the third photo down, do you see the sliver blur in the upper left-hand corner?
    That's the edge of the lid I pulled up in order to sneak a photo of the popping corn.
    You definitely need a lid to cover the frying pan. Mine is clear, so I can see what's going on in the pan, but I've also used metal lids and just listened to the sound of the popping to gage when it was done.
    Try it! It's fun!

  3. That really does make sense. I've always popped mine in a pot, but a frying pan would be so much easier to maneuver in those little circles. Plus, you can pop just one serving if you want. Great idea!