Friday, October 9, 2009

Peach Tart (by Kat)

Question: What do you do with a brand new rolling pin and a bowl full of ripe peaches?

Answer: Peach tart, of course. With lots of cinnamon, please.

During the last Daring Bakers challenge, my rolling pin bit the big one. I wasn't emotionally attached to the pin, but I was disgusted that now I'd have to buy a new one.

My old pin must have come from a second-hand shop, because it had pink paint on it. I've never had pink paint, and don't think I ever will. That pink paint stain on the pin was from someone else's poor paint choice and poor painting skills.

True, I'm not one to speak of painting skills...

The old pin's inner rolling mechanism had failed long ago, but I put up that. It would spin smooth, smooth, hiccup! Smooth, smooth, hiccup! But, when it also started to deposit small flecks of rust on my homemade puff pastry, I cried foul! I also vowed my new pin would have no metal parts. I never washed the old pin under running water, and I live in the dessert, so I'm not sure how the rust developed, but I figured I'd circumvent the issue entirely by excluding metal from the equation.

So there she is! My new pin. I'm not above confessing that I kissed her on the lips. Here she is, on her maiden voyage rolling out a crust for the peach tart. I'm using the same recipe from Nick Maglieri that I previously posted.

See how yellow the dough is? One factor is the yucky light in my kitchen. Ignore that factor, please. The main factor is the yolks of our freshly-laid eggs glow a deep mesmerizing yellow. The color is nearly identical to the peaches themselves.

Speaking of peaches, I sliced up four large ripe peaches from an aunt's orchard. Oddly enough, I bought them at the local supermarket, though! I also bought some of her apples at the same time.

To the peaches I added exactly one pour of cinnamon, exactly one part of a freshly grated nutmeg, and exactly one handful of sugar. I let this sit a few minutes, then dumped it into the chilled tart crust.

I had some dough left over, which my daughter gleefully put to use. She chopped up some small wild apples, mixed them with candied ginger and a little sugar, and put them into little free-form tart shells. After the apple mixture was used up, she used chocolate chips and cinnamon.

We were required to eat the "appletizers" first.

I was worried that the tart shells would melt, but they held their shape through the cooking process. Amazing!

Finally, here's the peach tart fresh from the oven.

My counters aren't really that gross. In manipulating this photo in Microsoft, weird things started to happen. I had the choice of grungy pink counters or a circular brown wet mess on red tiles.

Let's just say it tasted great, even if it wasn't photogenic.

I'm off to look at photo editors, now!


  1. Hi. I stumbled across your blog when I clicked "Next Blog" the other day. I love it. And your Daring Baker posts make me oh so hungry.

    I lost my rolling pin in my last move. Last time I made a pie, I used an old wooden couch leg.

  2. Thanks, Pollinatrix. I loved your bookshlef, so I "built" one for our blog, too!
    I can't wait to see what books Bet adds to it!

  3. Ah, yes - the bookshelf. I see we have some book interests in common. Or is that Bet?