Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chicken update (by Kat)

Just a quick little post to let everyone know that Cumy, the poor little hen that was munched by a dog, seems to be out of the woods.

I let her out for a few hours on Tuesday and Wednesday. She liked these little "field trips." The first few minutes she was out, the three of them had to reorganize and confirm their pecking status. After that, though, the other two hens didn't pick on her or peck at her, so I felt she was safe.

Today, she spent the entire day out. She still can't get over any obstacle higher than six inches, and definitely can't get up to the roost. So, tonight she was back in her own little henny hospital room.

It's just amazing what a chicken can live through.

Oh, and did I mention she laid an egg??!

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