Thursday, November 12, 2009

Life and Death (by Kat)

Cumulus is still clinging to life, and appears to be improving. She's eating and drinking and making little sounds. I was looking back through some old photos. This particular shot was taken in April of 2008. Cumy is the little gal on the right. Marble is our black hen, and she's in the back. Seraphina is a beautiful red hen, but doesn't lay eggs very well. She's the gal on the right. Vanilla is front and center. She was eaten by a hawk last winter. That was a gory spectacle.

In the background are two cats. The calico, Aditi, had been abandoned by her owner, and was totally lame in one of her hind legs. The vet thought we should amputate the leg, but we couldn't afford the cost of the surgery. Lo and behold, though, she began to use it and eventually was completely healed. She lived a miraculous ten more years with us before she died this past spring.

The little black kitty weighed about two pounds when he showed up at our door one winter night. He wouldn't have survived a single more night out in the cold. We took him to the vet, wondering what to do with such a little kitten. Should it even be weaned yet? Turned out it he was at least two years old, based on his teeth. Huh. He was such a little scrap of a thing. How could two years of life be contained in such a meager little package?

My husband named the cat Diablo, after the hospital visit required to get antibiotics for the bites and scratches on his hands and arms. In fact, my husband couldn't undo a ziplock bag due to the swelling! I call the cat Pablano, 'cause he's the color of the pepper and has a temperament to match.

Life and death, saved animals, animals on the cusp, and animals at rest under the branches of the sumac.

Our fingers are crossed for Cumy.

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