Monday, November 9, 2009

Home Again (by Kat)

I packed my bags last Wednesday and headed off to a conference conveniently located kinda-sorta between Bet-ville and Kat-burg.

She drove up and we ate a wonderful dinner together on Wednesday.

Even better, after the conference on Friday I journeyed to her house for the weekend.

Highlights of the visit:

A 7:00 am soccer game;
Making this month's Daring Baker's challenge;
Playing in the big city,
hitting my favorite used bookstore of all time,
as well as a wonderful kitchen shop.
Lunching at a great brewery;
Another soccer game in the afternoon;
Lots and lots and LOTS AND LOTS of rain;
Bet forcing me to shop on the ladies' side of the clothes store,
and buying my first clothes on that side of a store in a long time;
Another cooking store;

But mostly, just being with my friend and her family.

I came home to a very sick family, a very messy house, and unexpected shuttling of my dear Grandma to the world's latest-running eye doctor. Laundry coming out my ears, cats that won't give me a second of peace, and that wonderful overriding comfort of home sweet home.

I'll post later about the new kitchen gadgets and my library additions. I might even put up a picture or two I took on the lovely drive. But for now, I'm home, and that's about it.


  1. Isn't it funny how if you manage to slip away and have a good time, you pay for it when you get back?

    Who said life was fair, no rest for the weary, etc.

  2. Heads and tails, black and white, repel and attract.
    Somewhere there's balance...we have to find it!