Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Treatise on Nutrition (by Kat)

We're all a bunch of sickos around here these days.

Not that kind of sicko, you sicko, the flu kind of sicko.

Say that five times fast, I dare ya'!

When my family is sick, I'm especially concerned about our nutrition. I think it's more important than ever for our bodies to receive high quality proteins, like those found in eggs.

The best vegetables, nutrition density wise, are darker colored and more intensely flavored. Spinach, squash, kale, and beets are all very good for bodies on the mend.

Concentrated dairy products provide calories and fats needed to provide energy.

And, since we're sick, I don't feel like cooking a bunch of different foods to suit the varying tastes my family has. In that vein, then, I decided to combine the best of all these foods into one dish and serve it for dinner tonight. Oh sure, they moaned and groaned when I explained my rational, but they acquiesced in the end, and both my husband and daughter requested seconds. I admit to taking thirds.

The recipe is an old family favorite, taken from a can of pureed vegetables many years ago. The recipe is still available on the side of the can to this day, so I won't copy it here. If your family is ailing, may I suggest this dinner menu?

I give you......

(keep scrolling)

(aka squash quiche)

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