Sunday, November 1, 2009

Learning to Crochet (by Kat)

I'm learning to crochet.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

All done laughing now?

All right then.

I'm learning to crochet. My mom was very good at it, but her ability to teach me, and my ability to learn from her, no matter the subject, was horrible. I'll leave it at that.

So, while I remembered how to hold the string *just so*, and could chain stitch to my heart's delight, those skills alone do not result in the dishcloths I so love, nor the afghan that I saw on Little House in the Suburbs so long ago. I've been lusting after that afghan. I'm going to make that afghan...someday.

For now, I'm practicing, and I'm proud to say that I can now do the chain stitch, the single crochet, and the double crochet.

At least I think that's what I'm doing. Since it's all coming out of a book from the local library, I could be doing it completely wrong. The book is too impotent to beat me over the head when I do it wrong! That's NOT a bad thing, mind you.

So, here it is, my very first crochet project:

(I chose this shot because you can't see the wonky corner on top, the decidedly un-square shape, and the ends that I just can't get woven in properly!)

UPDATED to add: The book should have slapped me upside the head. I did it all wrong. It's still a serviceable cloth, but I have yet to master double crochet. Back to the drawing board, or rather, the ball of yarn!


  1. Wow! I just came across your site in Chicken In The Roads comments.
    Clicked to just check you out and saw the name 'Trixie Belden'. I can't remember much about the books cause I was only 10/11 yrs oldand I'm now 54. I just remember waiting in anticipation every 2 weeks to go on Saturday and get my next book.

  2. Exactly! Wasn't it thrilling when you finally had enough money saved up to buy the next book? The only place I knew of at the time to buy them was the local Bi-Mart.
    When Bet and I were forced to sit together in sixth grade, we were none to happy with the situation. We both turned away and pulled Trixie Belden books from our bookbags. We started to trade books and our "library" was immediately doubled.

  3. I'm not laughing - I admire you for entering the crocheting world.

    I used to hook rugs, but I've never attempted to crochet.