Friday, November 13, 2009

Homegrown Taters (by Kat)

If we were homesteaders, we'd be hurtin'.

Coinciding with the first real snowfall of the year, we finished up this year's crop of taters. Granted, we've got all the carrots in the world left in cold storage, and a few leeks as well, but neither of those will hold a family over the winter as happily as taters will.

None of the hens are laying eggs now, and the Brussels sprouts never did produce any globes of goodness.

Luckily, we're just a few blocks from the store, and we both have paying jobs. We can eat these here taters and enjoy them, and not think about going without for the winter.

The snow has blanketed the lawn, our tummies are full, and we have such a sense of peace around here tonight.

But man oh man, if we were homesteaders, we'd be hurtin'!

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