Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Homemade cannelloni with homemade fail-mozzarella (by Kat)

The hardest part of homemade cannelloni with fail-mozzarella is spelling the title correctly.

I blithely went about making some mozzarella a few weeks ago. Everything was going well--too well. That's always the warning, isn't it?

At the last moment, my entire batch of mozzarella became ricotta. Well, no. It was not quite ricotta. My dairy product landed squarely between the realms of ricotta and mozzarella. Think grainy mozzarella, or stringy mozzarella. Either way you have a tasty mouthful of strange dairy texture.

So, when life gives you fail-mozzarella, make cannelloni. (That won't work on a t-shirt, will it? I need a better slogan, obviously).

In a large bowl, dump your pile of cheese,
add herbs from last summer's garden,
then crack in an egg if your hen will give you one.

Stir the whole thing up pretty well.

Make yourself some pasta dough, and roll it out nice and thin.
Cut into rectangle shapes, boil a few minutes, then cool.

Slather the cheese onto the (cooled) pasta.
(owey, owey, hot! hOt! )

Dump spaghetti sauce on top, and pile on the Parmesan cheese.
Bake at 350 F until it's bubbly and you're so hungry
you just can't wait any longer.

When people say yummy and inquire about the type of cheese you used,
smile knowingly and reply...



  1. Yay for Kat! Sounds good to me.

  2. Mmmm. From past experience I know that your mistakes are often the best. I'm dreaming of the time you come and cook for us. :) Are you ready for vacation yet? Bet.

  3. Chirp-chirp becomes a teenager tomorrow, so yes, yes I am ready for a vacation. Seven years, say?