Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend (by Bet)

April for me is not as fulfilling as it is for Kat.  While Kat's birthdays are all in April, mine are all in May.  Both the boy and the girl gain a year in that month and we start to camp.  But mostly it is the month that students get kicked out of their homes, health issues for both students and their parents rear their ugly heads, seniors stress about leaving high school (showing stress in stupid and bizarre ways) and the AP Literature and Composition test is just around the corner.  Add to that the end of the grading period, parents who have finally discovered that perhaps they should be talking to both the teacher and their students, a garden isn't even in my field of vision.  Grass is my friend.  Grass is good.  Plus the husband will mow it and I don't have to think about it.

This weekend was filled with soccer, t-ball, laundry, paper grading and texting to students.  I didn't even have texting at the beginning of the year.  I am also simultaneously reading Earth Abides, All Creatures Great and Small, Into Thin Air, Between A Rock and A Hard Place, Kaffir Boy, Into the Wild and When the Spirit Catches You.  In my little classroom we are reading literature circle books, studying evolution, learning to have small group conversations that take you to new ideas, putting together significant speeches and writing ten page narrative essays.  I can't say that my home life is non-existant, but it definitely takes a back burner to work. Sigh.

Hope your weekend was filled with purposeful wandering and funfilled moments along with all the productivity necessary. 


  1. How you do all that without drinking coffee is beyond my imagination. And no, Diet Coke doesn't count! I feel the need to bake you a cake and give you a hug. Maybe paint a wall, drink a beer, and go to a bookstore. I'm looking forward to your job being done for the summer so I can see you breeeeeathe!

  2. An interesting glimpse into the classroom and an accurate summation of the general run of things at this time of year. You sound like a wounderful and passionate teacher.