Saturday, April 3, 2010

Where is my milk from? (by Kat)

I found this link a while back, surfing the web with StumbleUpon.

I often reminisce about the dairy where we used to buy milk in glass bottles with paper lids, then later on green foil lids, straight from the same family members/employees who milked the cows. You had to remove the lids just right, or they wouldn't last through the use of that half-gallon. Then mom would be mad...

Most of the time when my mom went into the dairy building to make the purchase, I'd stand outside petting the cows. I still remember their beautiful eyes, long lashes, and uncanny ability to stick their long speckled tongues all the way up the sides of their faces and deep into their nostrils. I never managed to get my own tongue to perform acrobatics anywhere near as cool as that, and so my awe for their prowess lasted for years.

Sadly, the dairy became a housing development just few months before Chirp-chirp was born.

Looking back further, to when we lived in Solvang, I remember the milk actually being delivered to the door. Incredible times. I wasn't very strong then, but I'd carry the bottles into the kitchen one by one, leaving the carrier by the door.

These days, we purchase our milk and cream at the grocery store. But where does it actually come from? Who knows!

Oh, wait, now we do!

My milk is processed (with consistency) about 190 miles from my home. I wonder where it came from before that? I wonder if those cows have the talented tongues our local cows did? And do little girls get to pet them...ever?

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