Friday, April 2, 2010

Miscellaneous Morning (by Kat)

We woke up this morning to an unwelcome sight out our bedroom window. Those little johnny-jump-ups in the new banner? They're under a half inch of snow now. More snow is falling, and the weatherman says we're getting up to three or more inches today.

In other news, the little chicks are growing at a phenomenal rate. Here they are on day six. Their itsy bitsy little wing feathers have replaced the down. Tiny little tail feathers are beginning to protrude from their nethersides. They mess up their box faster than we can clean up after them.

I'm very glad we decided to get these little chicks. They're a sign of spring that the weather can't subdue. I keep running back into the music room to peek at them, just to assure myself that warmer weather is coming (back). Invariably, I go to pick one up, and then I have to pick up the others so that no chick is left behind.

I'm supposed to be starting Easter Sunday's dessert, making this week's bread, tending to laundry, and that sort of thing. I also have a gallon of whole milk in the fridge to make a batch of mozzarella cheese with. I bought the milk a week ago, so I have to do it today before the milk goes bad.

E-gads, I guess I need to add snow shoveling to the list.

Hard to believe we were at Butchart Gardens less than one week ago, looking across this warm, colorful, beautiful expanse. Bumblebees, sweet wafts of flower blossoms, rafts of bulbs in bloom...

Yeah, I can spell procrastination!


  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Your chick is just beautiful! And the picture of Butchart Gardens looks like a postcard. Absolutely gorgeous. I'm sorry you got snow :( But I'm pleased that Canada is not immune to this insane weather!

  2. We got chicks and few weeks ago - I'm amazed how fast they grow! Between being gangly teenagers and losing their baby feathers they look pretty disreputable. They seem to be eating fine and very active so I think they are okay. We are looking forward to lots of eggs this fall!

    Spring hasn't really arrived here either. But we haven't quite had snow (not this low down at least). I'm ready for some real spring weather, too. I keep looking at my seed collection and have to say "Nope. Not yet."

  3. Kate, I wish I had your patience! We've planted quite a few veggies--peas, lettuce, onions, taters (4 types). I wonder how they'll do...

    Basicliving, I really envy your goats and the goat barn. That's really more than we can do in the town where we live. Our renegade chickens are risky enough.