Sunday, September 12, 2010

Celebrating one year

Today this humble little blog turns one year old.

After a seven month long gestation (starting in the spring when Bet sent me an e~mail saying we HAD to start a blog--to which my reply was "Heck No!") I logged onto Blogger and set up this little space.

Then I informed Bet we had a blog, and it's a boy. No, wait, we had a blog and here's the address.

That's better!

And, so, here we have post number 194. You can only read 193 of them, however, as one is a draft that Bet has yet to post. I've thought about posting it just as it is, but I'm not that kind of friend. Or am I? Who of these dark nights I just might do it!

I was thinking we should celebrate this occasion with another give-away. I was thinking about the fact that, needing things to blog about, I had learned to crochet, to make soap, and raise bees. Maybe a giveaway reflecting those things? Then the doubts started creeping in. Sure, I can crochet, but not really well. And the soap? Well, it's okay, but I need to practice to get really good. I'm not sure what I have on hand is really worthy of being a prize.

These were the thoughts running through my head as I pressure-washed the house this morning. I bought a new pressure washer, and honestly? BLppfhh. The detergent sprayer would spray only about three feet over my head. I have a two story house so to say I was upset is an understatement. Grrrrrr.

But you know what? When I was done rinsing the house--and we must call it rinsing and not washing since no soap was used--I realized that the house didn't look perfect, but it sure did look a lot better.

So, no, my soap ain't pretty, and my crocheting isn't likely to be square or without a missed stitch.

Just like this blog of ours doesn't always have perfect grammar or prefect spelling.

But, you know, if you're taking a little bit of your time to read this and you think it's okay we're not perfect, then leave a comment below and maybe you'll win some soap and a facecloth crocheted by me. And you know what? Go ahead and enter a second time if you're a follower on Google. We love, and I mean *LOVE* our international readers, but I'm afraid we can only ship here in the US. Homemade soap falls under some really weird shipping guidelines.

In other news, Mr. Boom, Chirp-chirp, and I harvested potatoes this morning, and now we're going to go make some imperfect fries. We'll see how that goes!

Thanks to all of you for stopping by. Every single one of you is an outright terrific person!

Updated to add: We'll choose and announce the winner September 19th.


  1. I love the perfect imperfection of your life as revealed on this blog. Congratulations on the milestone. And guess what? My blog will be a year old in five days! Not that I've blogged much lately, but I'm going to have to make that change here soon.

    And. I would be THRILLED to get some of your soap!

  2. Do you have an electric pressure washer? The better bet are the gas ones, which are way more powerful.

    Congrats on your on year Blog-o-versary! (did I really write that?)

  3. Paperseed~ I bought an electric washer. I feared the destruction and havoc that would surely ensue if I used a more powerful gas pressure washer

  4. i'm a follower! just stopped by to say HI and Oh my! another blogaversary! congrats!

  5. Happy anniversary! I'm feeling lucky today so I'll put my hat in the ring. Don't worry about the imperfections. It only goes to prove that you are human. Now go celebrate.

  6. Hey !!!

    Congrats on your one year Blog-o-versary!!!!!